Branding & visual identity

Brands are big ideas, not just a logo.

Designing a company logo is one of the most creative and disciplined processes for a graphic designer. We know that the right strategy for creating a new or refreshing an existent brand takes preparation, research and some real tough love.

A brand consists of brand experience and brand identity (diagram). At Creative M Studio we specialise in marrying the two. In general, a logo should be simple, relevant, memorable and adaptive. But design rules can be stretched to adapt to client needs and audience perceptiveness.

Website design and development

Weaponise your agility for growth.

Designing and building a website takes discipline, but first discover what is right for you and your needs:
- Informational or small business website
- Corporate website
- Ecommerce website
- Database driven website or a progressive web application

Speak to us about your needs and dreams, help us to understand your budget and constraints; so our team can find the best solutions. The right website strategy can change your business and its perceptions in the world around you.

Publication design

It takes a clear visual strategy to break through a noisy marketplace.

An appealing visual publication is a valuable business tool, but only when it clearly reflects its purpose. At Creative M Studio we excel at publication designs such as:
Annual reports

With the right format, layout and design in place that are appropriate and relevant to your message, you will be able to deliver the business results you want. Our returning clients praise us for speed, accuracy, understanding their brand and managing all other aspects of an editorial product.

Animations / videos / mixed media motion graphics

Look good, feel good.

Logo animation, motion media for marketing, social media content, training and education, storytelling, explainer videos for any other purpose.

Impressive animations and motion graphics can boost brand visuals and gather attention.

Packaging design

Brands are experiences.

Touch, feel and practicality and also wow moments. Those are key aspects of good packaging design. Our process always starts with your company goals and navigating to your product core.

We identify competition, points of difference, strengths and weaknesses and study how the packaging is perceived by customers and by other stakeholders. We then explore a variety of directions, to make visuals unique and the packaging appealing to the target audience.

Marketing communication

Build your brand for scale (and sale).

Being seen is not the same as being heard. You are what you do. Key to success is to communicate, compete, and convince the audience.

To be really heard and understood, your message earns people’s attention. That’s why we always focus on creating material that provides value to your audience.

Data & story visualisation

Emotion can trump logic.

With the right and well told story, people are ready to listen and will even keep an eye out for your next piece of communication. People engage with stories that resonate.

We create stunning visual communications, that will leave a lasting impression on an audience and get results. More companies are finally figuring out how important it is to be able to converse with their data and stories and the role it plays to their success.


Photography is a powerful and silent communication tool.

Having the right image for a project to clearly communicate the intended message is very important. This is where an experienced photographer's eyes bring the best results.

Post-processing or retouching a photograph is another of the profession's skills. It is used as a secondary step and in a complementary manner to the original.