Premium quality food and beverages. Available in Singapore from leading European manufacturers.

Once again simplicity matters.

We have creatively delivered on a new logo, in partnership with Kasia Nowacka-Jakubowska, Consultant for Sedno.

The symbol had to be relevant to the products in some guise whilst emphasising Sedno’s uniqueness.

The brand owner must strongly identify with the brand design - the ability to easily incorporate a distinctive symbol in their marketing and on their produce is of utmost importance…

This logo required a number of iterations to refine and simplify. Any design is a thinking process. Refining a new symbol is like getting into a new Netflix series - it may take a few episodes before you are hooked.


The packaging and labelling is vibrant, celebrating nature's colourful palette. Sedno's customers and consumers selected the final patterned design of colourful, yet simple geometric shapes.

The labels project an identity that people gravitate to before connecting to the product itself.


The website is clean, informative and easy to navigate. The products are categorised by colour; and embedded links provide seamless online shopping experiences.

Simplicity allows focus on the core element and a chemistry can be built between all who interact with it… and the brand's supporting colour palette adds a spark.


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