Jan Ignacy Paderewski


Ignacy Jan Paderewski was one of the most outstanding figures in Polish history and a character, without whom the regaining of Poland’s independence could have not taken place. His talent and personality attracted popularity and appreciation in the whole world - Western Europe, the United States, Australia and also New Zealand – which he visited twice. See our commemorative presentation reflecting the New Zealand visits of one of the greatest Polish pianists and statesmen.


Keeping the audience visually engaged with a slick, elegant and readable presentation commissioned by the Polish Embassy in Wellington.

Considering the nature of the subject, the choice of typography and colour was simple. The chosen mix of fonts unite with elegance, music flow and history but at the same time are easy to read. As most of the archive photography is sepia or back and white, the judgement was to not distract the reader with colour but gently integrate a toned shade of gold to add an accent and highlight the historical value and aspect. A few slides are visually personalised with simple but energetic icons inspired by classical music.

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