Lucy is free mobile banking for unstoppable and extraordinary women in Singapore. Personalised, 24/7 money management experience with integrated and useful financial tools. Like your bank but better.

Fee-free accounts with prepaid Mastercards

Create an account for each aspect of your life in minutes, issued with your own prepaid Lucy Mastercard with no fees or minimum balance.

Named savings pockets with goals

Easy to create separate accounts with meaningful names and goals. No fees or minimum balance.

No-interest salary advances

Lucy enables employees (including helpers) to have access to salary earned every day, allowing salary drawdowns before payday.

Fair-rate international transfers

Send money to banks, mobile money or cash agents in the Philippines and Indonesia at very low cost and with the best exchange rates. 24/7, direct from your phone.

Peer and mentor support

Entrepreneurship can be stressful, lonely and scary. Sharing inspirational Lucy stories, simple gestures of encouragement, online training, and knowledge; articles will bring interconnectedness.

Loan management

Set up a loan between employees and employers in minutes. Choose your terms. All the benefits of a formal agreement to avoid awkward disputes and creates an easy to track payback schedule.

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