Singapore’s national icon (mythical Merlion with the head of a lion and the body of a fish) incorporates elements of Singapore heritage. Its body symbolises Singapore's humble beginnings as a fishing village, while its head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, or ‘lion city’ in Malay. It portrays a synergy of distinct species adopted to diverse environments.

Merlion is a symbol of a powerful country with a complex past, prominent achievements and auspicious future. We, at GM&T Singapore, appreciate the opportunity to operate our business here. We are inspired by the country’s courage, diversity and boundless commitment to succeed. We have embraced Singapore’s Merlion to display how those values replicate our own vision.

Upholding the highest standards of integrity, courage and ownership to shape the sustainable future, we generate and deliver innovative energy solutions. For the last decade of our operations in Singapore, we have grown both organically and by increasing the breadth and complexity of our business. We continuously strive to be a world class, smart and sophisticated operation that provides the technology, people and structures needed to build a brighter energy future for the world.

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Together, we are able to shape the future
With headquarters in London, we are managing and optimising our global portfolio over the main trading locations across the world
We value passion for excellence, growth and learning
We constantly look for the best trading strategies and respond to inevitably evolving market trends
We provide safe, reliable and economical shipping solutions to the GM&T Group
We equip our team with the latest technology to help build a brighter energy future for the World
We are innovative, agile and flexible; we maximise outcome and minimise risk at every stage of the process
We look for ways to delivery energy to the world, while caring for the environment
Through teamwork and mutual commitment, we work together to help the Company grow
We continue to hire the brightest and the best professionals across all the operational areas, various backgrounds and nations
By communicating openly, we build trust in each other and in our brand
We are ready to face any global challenges, offering optimised, reliable energy solutions

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