Demonstrating a revamped and refreshed homepage for FitBX, the Ultimate Beachside Fitness Experience. The concept is inspired by holidaying on the beach whilst working out to achieve a beach body. The tone of the homepage is black and white but energetic - with client and trainer action shots. The design mood is towards minimalism and ease of user experience for information such as training, booking, pricing, accommodation and location. ​


Covers 3 aspects:

Key photography - black and white tones providing a contemporary and modern feel; postproduction focused on blacks, whites, shadows and highlights, with an emphasis on clarity and definition. ​

People - visual storytelling of people on a fitness holiday featuring clients of all body shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Imagery set the tone for their physical challenge, effort and sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Telephoto shots are not intimidating but close enough to capture facial expression and not losing the action settings. ​

Moments - an open-space gym in a superb location, with lots of points of interest pleasing to the eye. With real people being engaged, these moments become a real and candid story.

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