Egg box


He was born to be wild. A rebel myth amongst other chickens; an extravert character with a dazzling comb. When he made up his mind, that he only wanted to rock out in a free world of his own creation, he took some ladies with him and they headed to the wilds of Motueka, NZ. There Kevin started Hot Wing rock festival. With mud baths, doodle worms and scratchin’ grounds; the ladies were laying eggs quicker than Kevin could cluck. Not sure what to do with the eggs, he struck a deal with us whilst he keeps on living the life.


We wanted to create a packaging that stands out on crowded shops' shelves. Fresh yolk colour and 'Pick us' slogan aims to catch shopper attention in 4 seconds.


150 mm length
70 mm hight
95 mm depth


2 embracing feathers creates an egg shape. Love heart and handwritten signature warm up and personalise the brand.


  • Top panel (here upside down) includes Independently audited logo in the bottom right corner

  • Rear panel entertains with Kevin’s capturing and fun story

  • Left panel shows the origin of the product

  • Front panel which usually is the only one visible on a shelf, emphasis on product marketing

  • Right panel consist nutritional and required by food standards information

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