Changing the game is a mindset. — Robert Rodriguez

CoreClubX is all about you - your body, your immune system, your health, and your results. Helping you to achieve progress in all of these areas is the reason this programme was developed. The combination of body movement, a nutrition plan and guided support will help you achieve your goals.

For this robustly founded new venture, Creative M Studio developed a new brand identity. For the new logo you can see how our creative thinking and product insight resulted in the more dynamic exercise box.

Thereafter Creative M Studio Photography spent a few days on location in Thailand, composing shoots with the trainer, internationally accomplished fitness coach Justin Wallis. (here links to JW)

Whilst ‘shooting’ Justin for the website and the marketing content, our art direction went further – by further clarity of the project purpose and core values we initiated shooting sessions with CoreClubX clients who are now the faces for the first programmes.






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