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Our branding simply reflects our thinking. Less is more.
We deploy a minimalistic approach but it doesn't mean you can't get what you want.
In the world of design chaos, our mature and balanced simplicity stands out.

We help brands

Top to bottom

Visual Communication

Our work is centred on our clients and servicing their audience needs.

Publication design, data visualization & marketing assets

European Chamber of Commerce Annual Magazine 2020 design including complex graphs and charts to present future and past trends in bilateral trade, services and investments.

Branding, packaging design & website

Premium quality food and beverages startup, entering the Singapore market place with selected products from leading European manufacturers.

Branding, photography, video & animation

Coreclubx is all about you being leaner, healthier and stronger. We are proud to be involved in building a new worldwide brand. But it wasn't an easy one...


A fun full 24 hours spent hanging around Singapore with the amazing crew of musician Johnny Climax, Dublin Rapper / Producer.

Publication & marketing material, ads & signage

Fulfilling the needs to delivering a wide range of bespoke marketing material for a boutique commercial property agency. Ensuring all marketing materials accurately present properties and are targeted to attract the designated audience.

Magazine design, icons, photography, editorial design

Tapping into the Singapore Real Estate market.

Brand identity, infographics, print & digital design

A campaign focused on the Residential Property Market. Designed for Property Managers, Developers and Sellers.

Website design & photography

Demonstrating a revamped and refreshed homepage for FitBX, the Ultimate Beachside Fitness Experience. Photography covers 3 aspects.

Egg box 1000x1000

Product packaging, illustration, branding

Original and eye catching packaging with a captivating story of the imaginary product brand owner.

Photography & camera lens

Imagery is a powerful and silent communication tool. Having the right image for a project to clearly communicate the intended message is very important. This is where an experienced photographer’s eyes brings the best results.

Presentation & editorial design, art direction

Telling the story of the Polish, world renowned pianist and his New Zealand chapter. A presentation that engages and visually entices the audience.

Art direction, print & mobile app design

A walk through the heart of the smallest capital in the world from Parliament buildings to Te Papa Museum.

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We believe in exploring every opportunity.

Creative Thinking

All about colour.


All about Red

Red is considered the oldest colour in the world. Its old age contributes to different meanings in different cultures. Depending on your origins, you may

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All about Yellow

Yellow is the third primary colour and the most versatile colour of all. Whilst red is hot and blue is cold, yellow is about everything

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All about Blue

Blue is a relatively new colour to the colour chart. Many languages in the world don’t have a word for blue, because in many cultures

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We live for each project and deliver with a committed and talented team.
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We live for each project and deliver with a committed and talented team.



Operations Director

A tech entrepreneur, is overlooking the company operations, business model and market strategy. Investor.



Lead Designer

She creates and delivers fresh and innovative concepts that are contemporary and effective for communicating brands, products and services.



Graphic Designer

We found new talent to join our team.